Mold Remediation for Healthier Living

Invest in your health with mold remediation from our company in Fox Lake, Illinois. The trained and certified technicians with Air Scrubbers provide testing, investigation, and removal, as well as a clearance test with lab work, to ensure the quality of the remediation provided. Plus, limited lifetime warranties are offered on all mold removal.

Our remediation services extend to attics, basements, and crawlspaces. We remove the mold upon discovery to give you welcome relief from troublesome breathing issues.


The experienced professionals with Air Scrubbers also offer restoration services for commercial buildings and residential homes that have been affected by mold and other contaminants.

We handle projects of all sizes, replacing drywall, flooring, paint, ceilings, and fixtures that have been compromised.

Contact Air Scrubbers in Fox Lake, Illinois, to breathe easier.